Outliers 51: ProductHunt founder Ryan Hoover on life with AngelList and lessons in building community

Pankaj Mishra March 16, 2018 1 min

In the mad, mad world of tech, discovering the next big thing is a holy grail for everyone – from investors to startup founders looking for their next pivot and even large tech companies hunting for the disruption in their core markets.

From a small email list launched in November 2013 by Ryan Hoover, ProductHunt has now helped discover over 100 million products with more than 100,000 new product launches on its platform.

In this week’s Outliers, we have for you a conversation with Hoover who talks about the ProductHunt journey, its $20 million acquisition by AngelList in 2016, and some deep lessons in building communities and keeping them alive.

Hoover, 31, eats, breathes and lives the ProductHunt community.

“I still love what I am doing and I still see so many opportunities to experiment and grow,” he says.

“I am really weird when I wake up in the morning, far too early like 4.45 am today. My mind starts turning on and truthfully, I want to get back to the bed, but my mind gets excited, starts working. Now, this is still stressful and I get frustrated… for me and my awesome girlfriend.”

P.S. How AngelList works? Look out for a set of deep conversations with folks at AngelList to be published on FactorDaily as an audio story soon.


image credit: (cc) Ken Yeung -- www.thelettertwo.com

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