Pankaj Mishra

Writer, cofounder and CEO
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Pankaj Mishra has been a technology journalist and editor since the year 2000 with several publications including The Economic Times, Mint and TechCrunch. Based in Bengaluru, he writes about people and companies taking technology mainstream in India. Pankaj is the cofounder, writer and CEO of FactorDaily.

Statement of Ethics

As co-founder, editor-in-chief and CEO, my responsibilities include having conversations with existing and potential investors of SourceCode Media Pvt. Ltd., the company that owns FactorDaily. These investors include Accel Partners for now. As the CEO, I also have an oversight of business strategy and branding functions, and I work directly with my colleagues dedicated for carrying out such activities. I consider it sacrosanct to keep "the wall" between pure journalism and sales, marketing functions intact. My writings for FactorDaily have complete editorial independence, and neither existing and potential investors, nor existing and potential advertisers or partners, have any influence on what I write. Everytime I write about companies where Accel or any of our investors have invested, I will make relevant disclosures. At FactorDaily, everytime we write about the companies or people who have any direct connection with our investors, we will provide a direct link to the ethics statement and code of conduct. I do not own any stocks in the companies I write about, and if at all I do in future, relevant disclosures will be made.

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