Key government networks well protected from ransomware: IT Secretary

May 16, 2017

The government has installed necessary security in batches to protect its key networks from the cyberattack by ransomware WannaCrypt, information technology secretary Aruna Sundararajan said here on Tuesday.

“On ransomware, since March, the government of India has been on high alert. We have already installed the necessary security in batches as far as the government key networks are concerned,” said said, during the inaugural session of Broadband India Forum.

“We have not got any reports of widespread infection. There have been very few isolated instances and we continue to be on watch,” she added.

Information technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Monday had said the cyberattack by ransomware virus WannaCrypt had nearly zero impact in India.

“We are strengthening our cybersecurity. After talking to Microsoft, we had asked people to install patch system in March. This ongoing attack not only had minimum, but nearly zero per cent impact, in India. We are strengthening our areas,” the minister had said.