Karnataka is setting up a committee to cap minimum fares for cab aggregators

S Prabhakaran March 6, 2017

Following protests by drivers of Ola and Uber over the tariff charged for rides by these companies, the Karnataka Commissioner of Transport has decided to set up a committee to fix the minimum and maximum fares offered by the aggregators.

Currently, there is a cap on the maximum fare that can be charged (Rs 19.50 per km). After the committee decides the minimum fare (drivers have been protesting that the cheaper options are priced too low for them to make any profits despite working long hours) they will have to operate within the set fares.

According to MK Aiyappa, commissioner, transport department, the committee will comprise of additional commissioners from the transport department and experts from external agencies.

“We will calculate the prices based on scientific studies that will be done by our department. This will make the drivers also happy. Right now, their major concern is that companies charge customers less, because of which their earnings are affected,” said Ayyappa.

Maharashtra and Rajasthan transport departments too have implemented similar strategies in their new taxi aggregators’ rules.

Meanwhile, the commissioner, in an earlier meeting, warned cab aggregator Ola to resolve the issue of multiple bookings by customers. The drivers claimed that this was causing confusion and they were being fined unnecessarily following cancellations.

While Ola denied these claims, drivers proved the allegations by showing a demo of this to the transport commissioner. They also told him about the huge amount of fines being slapped on them.