Computers in Andhra secretariat hit by cyberattack

May 17, 2017

After Andhra Pradesh Police, the state secretariat has also been hit by a cyberattack, said officials on Wednesday.

Some computers at the state secretariat at Velagapudi here were hacked, officials said.

The Information Technology (IT) department identified at least 20 computers in the government complex which were affected by the cyberattack.

The experts from the department were making efforts to retrieve the data and rewrite the CDs to clear the virus. Officials said wherever necessary new hard disks would be installed.

The IT department has received complaints about hacking only from the revenue department. The experts were trying to find out if computers in other departments were also affected by the virus.

The IT department was also briefing officials of various departments on the measures to be taken to protect their systems from hacking.

On May 13, a section of computers of the Andhra Pradesh Police department were affected by a global cyberattack by ransomware Wannacrypt.