Thank you, but stop flooding my inbox, says UK student abused for solving IIT-JEE paper

Shrabonti Bagchi July 13, 2017

“If you are attempting to contact me about the JEE articles that keep getting published: please don’t. I have received over 200 messages in the past 24 hours. I cannot read or reply to them. You’re just wasting your time, to tell me stuff I already know,” says Jack Fraser on his Quora profile page. “I do ask that you do not attempt to contact me outside of Quora. I have had several people attempt to add me on facebook. Please don’t do that.”

It’s not that Fraser is not grateful for the support he’s got. It’s just that it’s become rather overwhelming for the student who’s studying for a Masters degree in physics at UK’s Oxford University. But first, the backstory: Jack Fraser is a Quora power-user, and was recently asked about the worst response he had received on Quora. This happened to involve Indians and their favourite love-to-hate competitive exam, the IIT-JEE.

It all started a few weeks ago when someone asked Fraser if he would solve the IIT-JEE question paper (it’s not clear which year’s entrance exam this was from). There were two papers, with 80 multiple-choice questions each. “I told them how I breezed through it. I did it in about a third of the allowed time, and with 100% correct answers,” Fraser writes in his post on Quora. “BIG mistake.”

Despite qualifying his original post with the fact that it was kind of expected that as a third year student of physics at one of the best universities in the world he would be able to complete the paper easily, and in fact it would be rather shameful if he couldn’t (“This is a high school-level paper, taken by ~17 year olds who haven’t spent 3 years at university studying physics”, he wrote), Fraser faced a ton of abuse. Not just on Quora, but on Facebook as well, where they found Fraser’s profile, repeatedly reported his profile picture for “indecency”, and sent vile abusive messages to his Facebook inbox.

Not just that — some people even targeted his family and actually sent obscene pictures to his mother. “I’m not going to answer any more questions about the JEE. It seems like it’s a bit too touchy a subject!” writes Fraser, before qualifying that he knows #NotAllIndians are like this. “I am in fact madly in love with one of your countrywomen,” he says.

Read Fraser’s post here.


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