All the crafty ways Indians are using to get around the ad-blocker ban on news websites

Pranav Dixit July 6, 2016 2 min

Less than a week after India’s major news websites started demanding that readers who use ad-blocking software turn it off to get their daily news fix, enterprising users are already figuring out ways to get around the blockers.

These range from quick workarounds to sophisticated Javascript meddling. Here’s what they are up to.

Using Safari’s Reader View to banish the nasties

If you’re using Safari on a Mac or an iOS device, this method actually works really well.
Bonus: if you don’t like the default font that your news site of choice uses, this method also lets you read the news item in Apple’s beautiful Palatino typeface.

Saving items to read later

If you use apps like Pocket or Instapaper to catch up on your reading list, they still work. Both Pocket and Instapaper will grab the entire text of any link you send them and save it for your (ad-free) reading pleasure.


Hitting the stop sign

Works in some cases, doesn’t in others. Oh well.


Blocking the blockers 


Pro tip: For sophisticated users only.

Trading tips on Reddit



And, of course, doing the most obvious thing. 
 Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.33.34 PM

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Sources at the Times of India and Hindustan Times told FactorDaily that the companies were keeping track of loopholes and working hard to plug them. But till then, Indian readers are having the last laugh.

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